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CPC Training

With 7 qualified trainers in different aspects of the business world, and well in excess of 75 years total experience in their respective sectors, Kinetic Training looks to ensure that your questions are answered, support is offered and you leave the course 100% satisfied.  Most importantly, we want to make our training engaging and enjoyable, our Trainers are peoples, people

 Whether you are looking for something specific, or a bespoke training course suited to your team, get in touch to discover how Kinetic Training can assist you or your business.

 Driver CPC Training

Kinetic Driver Recruitment & Training is fully approved by JAUPT to carry out the new driver CPC training at various locations across the UK. We have 7 qualified CPC trainers with a combined 35 years experience in the transport & haulage industry.

Driver CPC is short for “Driver Certificate of Professional Competence”.

This affects all professional HGV and PCV drivers.

All drivers, new and existing, now have to undertake 35 hours of training every five years to ensure that their Driver CPC remains valid. This is known as Periodic Training.

If you are a current HGV and PCV licence holder you will be required to complete 35 hours of periodic Driver CPC training in order to obtain a Driver Qualification Card to drive as a profession from 2013 (for PCV Licence holders) and 2014 (for HGV Licence holders). On completion of 35 hours of CPC training, the DVLA will issue a Drivers Qualification Card to demonstrate that the licence holder has completed all Modules of Driver CPC training.

We run regular CPC training every month with carefully selected dates to suit everyone. If you are interested or would like to find out more, get in contact


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